The Museum of Crime

Elizabeth Bathory - Čachtice (Slovakia)

Somora - the murderer of hitchhikers (picturized)

Václav Babinský - the robber

Kučerovský - a drug user who cut up a woman

Johan Georg Grasel  executed in Vienna, on January 31st, 1818

Vojěch Běloch - a paedophil and murderer of a six-years-old child

Jack the Ripper Only in Czech

an Australian writer and murderer Unterweger Only in Czech

Martin Lecián - and executed robber and murderer

Čikatilo - the murderer 53 people ("Jack the Ripper" from Rostov) Only in Czech

Police constables murdered in 1927

Jiří Kajínek - the best-known Czech prisoner

Al Capone - the founder of an organized crime Only in Czech

Martin Roháč - the murderer of 59 people (1571)

Bonnie Parker - Clyde Barrow (the U. S. A.) Only in Czech
John Dillinger - Public Enemy No. 1 (the U. S. A.) Only in Czech
Otýlie Vranská - still often discussed topic
Kliment Florián - a murder of a police constable in 1929
Van Meegeren - a gifted counterfeiter Only in Czech

Miroslav Stehlík - the murderer and sexual pervert - death sentence

a multiple murderer Václav Mrázek, 1951-1956
Charles Manson - the founder of denomination "Family" Only in Czech
Štefan Svitek - the last-executed in the socialist Czechoslovakia
Olga Hepnarová - 8 people killed - death sentence (1973)

Juraj Lupták - the Throttle from Bánská Bystrica - death sentence

Landru - the Bluebeard from Paris - the multiple murdererOnly in Czech

Ivan Roubal - the fivefold murderer - life imprisonment Only in Czech
Zdeněk Vocásek - a murderer who got clear of hanging
Friedrich Haarmann - the Hannover Killer Only in Czech

Dahmer - cannibal (the U. S. A.) Only in Czech

Vladimír Bayer - life imprisonment

Harold Shipman - British doctor-killer Only in Czech

Roy Bean - an American self-proclaimed judge Only in Czech

Louis Alphonse Bertillon - a French criminologist Only in Czech

Irena Čubírková - two murdered men - death sentence

Leopold Wohlschlager - Czech executione

Jiří Straka - an early summer in 1985

Marc Dutroux - Belgian judicial debacle Only in Czech

Jan Holub – the murderer criminated by his aurickleprint

The list of death sentences in Czechoslovakia (1945-1989)

Miloslav Sláma – old women murderer – life imprisonment  2005
Karol Kalmer – death sentence 1977 Milan Lubas - murderer proved guilty with the DNA analysis method  (1990)
A Murdering Family - A fourfold murder - life imprisonment, 1907

František Tégler - death sentence - Bratislava 1980

A Bomb Attack  on the Ministry of Justice -  Slovak Republic 1973 Hubert Pilčík - a possible multiple murderer (1951)
Marie Fikáčková – executed in 1961 Stephan Knaepen – murders two children in 2001
Martin Roháč executed on February 17th, 1571, Velká Bíteš, Bohemia

Translated by inspector WO Pavel Vršovský, M. A. Up-dated on December 16th, 2012