Ladislav Hojer

Born on March 15th, 1958 - executed on August 7th, 1986, Prague

Ladislav Hojer murdered five women in an extra ordinary sadistic way in 1978 - 1982. Those mureders were sex-aggression motivated. According to the experts, Hojer was a primitive psychotic person suffering from impassivity with the lack of the basic human moral values, paying no respect for human life. The experts found any recovery expectations impossible. Even a possible testectomy could not guarantee that Hojer would not repeat his sex-motivated attacks. When committing all his crimes, Hojer knew very well what he was going and all his crimes were well-prepared in advance, showing no signs of his insanity...

After finishing a basic school, Hojer becomes a glassworker. Hojer's employer says Hojer is a very poor employee. He is not very talkative and does not socialize. During the questioning, Hojer himself admits that he has never had a girlfriend and no woman has ever made love to him from her choice. He has never been tried for a crime in the past.

On November 2nd, 1978, he commits his first murder in Děčín, on the river Elbe bank, only 35 meters far from the nearest lived-in house. He visits Děčín as he wants "to see the beauty of that town and the beautiful women living there". When wandering about the town, he chooses a twenty-two-year old woman and spies on her till they get to the river. The girl is lucky enough, she manages to enter her house. Then he chooses a thirty-year old Eva R., he knocks her down, she fights back and thus he chokes her to death. He has sex with her then. Before leaving the place, he puts a stinging nettle in her genitalia.

A murdered girl at the toilet

On February 9th, 1980, Hojer commits his second murder in a Prague - Děčín train. He is a compulsory-military-service soldier at that time. When getting on the train, he notices a twenty-five-year old woman and starts spying on her. When the woman entering the toilet cabin, Hojer manages to get there with her, locks the door and chokes the woman to death. Then he has sex with her. Leaving the toilet cabin, Hojer locks the door. He sits at the same place where the "now-murdered woman" was sitting. After a fifteen-minute ride, he gets off that train and returns to Prague.

A photograph of a still-unidentified corpse of a woman found in the Ružín Dam, Košice

In autumn 1980, he takes a train and leaves for Košice, Slovakia. He meets a 25-30-year old woman on the Ružín Dam bank. He knock her down, strips her off and rapes her. Then he chokes her to death. He takes a found wire and cords her up, puts a stone on her breast and drags her into the dam. The still-unidentified corpse of a woman, without its head and both its wrists, is found one year later.

An appalling discovery of Ivana M. corpse

On January 31st, 1981 night, Ladislav Hojer commits another slaughter of his. It takes place in Brno, three months after finishing his compulsory military service. He takes a train to Brno and he arrives there at about five o'clock in the morning. He wanders about the town all day long. At night, Hojer meets an eighteen-year old Ivana M. at a tram stop. He drags her to the near park somewhere in between of the blocks of flats and tries to rape her holding a knife in his hand. He almost manages it, but the girl fights back and thus he chokes her to death. Then he takes his knife cuts the girl's breasts and her genitalia off. He puts those parts of the girl's body into his shopping bag and hides them in the fridge in his Prague flat. A week later, he boils those girl's body parts in salty water and eats some of them...

Murdered Ivana M.

On October 3rd, 1981, at about ten o'clock in the evening, Ladislav Hojer commits his last murder. It happens in Prague 5. His last victim is a fifty-one-year old Anna Š. Hojer attacks her with a knife. He cuts the woman's coat, skirt and underwear at first. Then he places his knife to her neck, covers her head with a pair of stockings just to prevent her from crying out and rapes her. He chokes her to death after that.

On October 11th, 1981, in the evening, Hojer is arrested. According to the evidence, Hojer pleads guilty of murdering Anna Š. 144 people were questioned and 3,500 possible wrong-doers were chosen in connection with that case. The criminalists, working hard for the following nine months, manage to prove that Hojer committed four more acts of murder. Unfortunately, a victim of Hojer's still remains unidentified...

© Miloslav Jedlička, D. C. L.
Translated by inspector WO Pavel Vršovský, M. A.