Miroslav Stehlík

Born on June 14th, 1956 - executed on February 25th, 1986, Prague

On October 8th, 1984, Miroslav Stehlík, an extra dangerous criminal, is sentenced to death for a twofold murder, a homicidal attempt, twelve acts of rape (including the attempts), a blackmail, restricting one's freedom and stealing by the Prague Municipal Court. Stehlík is executed on February 25th, 1986 in Prague.

Miroslav Stehlík is one of seven. As a boy, he is not easy to bring up. That is why he spends two years in a creche. His father a heavy drinker having a criminal past. So has his mother. His father was sentenced for repeated sexual abuse in 1960. The youngest brother of Stehlík's, at the age of 24, commits a crime in 1981. He murders his sixty-year old neighbour by several punctured wounds. A brother of Stehlík's is sentenced for repeated offences against property. When Miroslav Stehlík is fifteen years old, he is sentenced to two years in prison for a rape attempt. That sentence is suspended to three years. At the age of eighteen, when still being in probation, Stehlík commits several crimes. He burglars into flats, hostels and cars thirty-four times. He leaves two flats with gas rings on. He even tries to set one burglared flat on fire. What a piece of luck that the flats did neither explode nor burn away. It was supposed to be a kind of his revenge as there was "nothing to steal" in those flats.

The place where Blanka N. was murdered

Stehlík also tries to rape a twenty-seven year old woman. Having committed all the crimes mentioned above, Stehlík is sentenced to seven years in prison. As the experts find out that Stehlík suffers from exhibitionism, aggressexuality and sadosexuality, they recommend Stehlík's medical treatment. When in prison, Stehlík refuses to submit to prison rules and thus he is often transfered into prisons with more strict prison rules. In Valdice prison, he becomes one of "the top ten" criminals there.

By the way, when in custody, Stehlík tries to burglar into the cells where women were placed. In 1981, Stehlík is released from prison and at the same time, he undergoes the sex-medical treatment in the mental home Bohnice, Prague. The treatment is supposed to be over in August 18th, 1983. But during the treatment, Stehlík attacks five women (the sex-motivated attacks). He admits attacking many more women but those attacks did not resulted in supposed sexual connection because Stehlík was interrupted by some people passing by or his possible victims managed to escape. Stehlík commits his very first murder when still being under the medical treatment. At the beginning of August 1983, Stehlík escapes from the mental home and wanders about Prague streets. After midnight, he notices a thirty-year old woman getting off the tram at a Prague 9 tram stop. He approaches the woman demanding the sexual connection. The woman refuses, Stehlík pulls up a knife and drags the woman to the near park. As the woman fights back, Stehlík chokes her to death. He pushes the knife in her sex organ and then he masturbates over the dead body. Having finished that, Stehlík steals the woman's purse and returns to mental home.

Stehlík showing the way he attacked Blanka H.(the knife is made of pasteboard)

Thirteen hours after having been released from the mental home, Stehlík commits another murderous attack. In Prague, behind the football stadium "Bohemians", at about four in the morning, he notices a woman crossing the street and he starts spying on her. The woman enters a house. Stehlík catches her inside the house somewhere between the first and second floor. He starts pawing her, the woman fights back and thus Stehlík pulls up the knife, he has always on him. When the woman starts calling for help, Stehlík tries to choke her to death. They fall on the floor. Stehlík takes his knife and knives the woman three times. Then he masturbates over her dead body. Before leaving the house, Stehlík steals the woman's purse.

Stehlík is arrested twelve days after committing his last murder. Although Stehlík is on the list of Blanka N. possible murderers, the mental home Bohnice staff provides him with an "irreversible" alibi. But Stehlík himself pleads guilty of escaping from the mental home that particular day. A then Barrandov Studios wigger participates on the investigation too: when in custody, Stehlík had his hair cut close which changed his appearance completely. The wigger makes the wig with the haircut Stehlík was wearing before being takem into custody.

The experts in the fields of psychology and sexology prove that Stehlík is a person with a significant anethopathy character suffering from impassibility and impassivity tending to aggressiveness and sadosexuality, inimical to women. The experts refuse possible recovery expectations. Stehlík shows no signs of sympathy either during the investigation or the trial.

© Miloslav Jedlička, D. C. L.
Translated by inspector WO Pavel Vršovský, M. A.