Miroslav Somora

Born on September 3rd, 1944 - executed in 1976, Prague

That man murdered two hitchhikers on August 9th, 1976. The dead bodies were hidden at a dumping ground near Valašské Klobouky. Except the two-fold murder, he was found guilty of a rape too. The public were taken aback. A feature film, based on that true story, was taken. The feature film is called "Smrt stopařek" ("Death on the Road").

Miroslav Somora (born in 1944) coming from Teplička nad Váhom was sentenced to death and two years later, he was executed. When committing this terrible crime, he had been an eleven-year-married father of two children having a criminal past: robbery with violence, theft, violence. When in prison, he managed to escape. He also managed to escape from a mental home where he had to undergo a specific kind of treatment.

A day before committing his two-fold murder, Somora rapes a hitchhiker near a Slovakian city Bernáloko. At night, Somora parks his lorry in front of the railway station in Trenčín. At about two o'clock in the morning, two girls at the age of twenty ask him to give them a lift to Strečno. The girls are heading for the Tatra Mountains to spend their holiday there.

The place where the two murdered girls were found

The girls fall asleep. When passing through Trenčinanská Teplou, Somora takes the wheel-nut spanner, which is placed under the seat, and starts hitting the girls. He hits the girls' heads and thus they fall uncousciousness. Then he takes a thirty-centimetre long knife and knifes the girls to death. When doing this, he even breaks the knife! Then he takes one of the girls, binds her hands and rapes her. The dead bodies end up earthed at a dumping ground in Valašské Klobouky. The dead bodies are naked. He thinks that naked dead bodies are difficult to identify.

The lorry where Viera Kuklská and Tatiana Gangurová where murdered

But some people notice things. A man sees a lorry but the lorry is standing at the dumping ground in a completely different way than other lorries are when being unloaded. It means that the cabin of Somora's lorry stands in front of the piles of rubbish so it cannot be unloaded that way. Later on, that man goes to that place and finds two dead bodies there. He calls in Police immediately. The dead bodies are found soon enough. Miroslav Somora is taken into custody two days later when trying to wash out the stains of blood in his lorry. He also wants to repaint the cabin of his lorry. The feature film shows shooting and car chasing another car, but none of these really happens. Somora puts up no resistance when being taken into custody...

Somora pleads guilty and says: „They did not cry. It was soon over. One of them was lying on the seat, the second one was lying under the seat. Then I took a knife, a thirty-centimetre long knife, and started to knife them. I do not remember more details."

© Miloslav Jedlička, D. C. L.
Translated by inspector WO Pavel Vršovský, B. A.