Martin Vostárek

"the Kill-and-Wrap Murderer" - Prague
born on April 24th, 1969

Martin Vostárek - balíkový vrah

August 2001, Brno. Two parcels were to be delivered to two nonexistent addressees in Brno and Uherské Hradiště. Both the undeliverable articles and the terrible smell coming out from the parcels became the reasons for openinig them. There were parts of a human body in. At the same day the first parcel is opened, August 24th, 2001, Martin Vostárek announces at a Prague Police station that he has been missing his partner Naděžda Nováková (32), living in Prague 10. Jurnalists start comparing that terrible finding to the murder of Otýlie Vranská in 1933.

Besides the search for the murderer, it is necessary to find out whether the parts found inside the parcels come from one body. Human DNA analysis proves, without any doubts, the parts come from a woman's body.

The particular parcels

The parts from the two parcels put together. The cut-off legs.

Some media immediately start to speculate about the murderer (officially still unknown) and about his criminal motive finding even the connection to Vosmanský brothers, of whom the Brno policemen are in search. Some media even take for granted that there are some other parcels of the same contents at some more post-offices. Not proved. Luckily.

Ten days after the discovery of the second parcel containing some parts of the human body, Martin Vostárek, the former employee of an detective agency, is found guilty of that terrible crime. The autopsy proves that Naděžda Nováková died after having been choked to death. The broken superciliary ridge on her skull indicates a severe strike. Naděžda Nováková was supposed to die on August 15th, 2001. The next, Vostárek buys three hack saws in the nearest ironmonger's and he and his girlfriend cut the dead body into pieces in the bath, in their flat. The limbs are put into black plastic bags and send to fictious adressees. By the way, one of the parcels is send to a Brno undertaker's address.

The detail of the bone cut off with a hack saw

The detail of the bone cut off with a hack saw

The limbless body is thrown in the shrub in the neighbourhood. The head is wrapped in the T-shirt and put in the fridge. The next day, August 17th, Vostárek takes the head to his grandparents' cottage near Křivoklát and digs it in the ground under the apple tree where his grandfather used to bury perished dogs.

At the very beginning of the police investigations, Vostárek cooperates spontaneously. He even shows the particular places where he put the parts of the body and where he threw the "tools" away. But when being in the custody and even at the trial, he denies committing the crime and charges the policemen with having been forced to plead guilty. He admits that he cut the body into pieces but he denies committing the murder itself. The psychologists find Martin Vostárek to be an egoistical, narcissistic, unscrupulous and unsteady person with rather low level of agression release.

Martin Vostárek at the court

Martin Vostárek je předváděn k soudu

Vostárek wrote about that crime in a story many years ago when serving his military service. The story on a love-crossed soldier is found during the house search and becomes a part of the psychological reference. Vostárek feels no sorrow during the police investigations. He, as a love-crossed man, even feels to be a victim. When committing his crime, Vostárek suffers neither from insanity nor any deviation. His jealousy of Nováková became the motive. Some witnesses claim Nováková and Vostárek broke up after a one-year-and-a-half-running relationship the particular day she was murdered.

The thirty-three-year old Vostárek is sentenced to 14 years in a high security prison by Prague Municipal Court on April 25th, 2002 - one day after his birthday. The foregoing unlawful arming and stealing are included in the sentence. He had owned scattergun without any permission for several years.

© Miloslav Jedlička, D. C. L.
Translated by inspector WO Pavel Vršovský, M. A.