František Kratochvíl - František Alschinger

Police constables murdered in 1927

Strážmistr František Kratochvíl František Alschinger

Two young constables were murdered by dangerous criminals within two days in 1927.

František Kratochvíl

František Alschinger

On March 31st, 1927, 10:00 a. m., four robbers attack the staff of the Povážská Agrarian and Industrial Bank in Velká Byteč. They bind the staff and steal 95,062 Kč. One of the cashiers is even relieved of his golden watch and a raglan. At that time, a client, Andrej Gajdošík, having no idea of what is going on there, enters the bank. The robbers knife him dead and run away. The criminals are found in their hiding place in the woods in the evening. When being taken into custody, one of the criminals, Rudolf Andrassy, hiding a gun under the stolen raglan, from no distance, shoots dead a young constable, František Kratochvíl. Keeping each other covered by firing, the criminals manage to escape.

The following day, April 1st, 1927, the criminals are found near a town Velká Udič. The gun battle arises again and constable František Alschinger is shot dead. The criminals manage to escape for the second time. The criminals are found after a large search in which a general public is involved too. The gun battle arises again, one of the criminals, Rudolf Andrassy, is shot dead and his companion, Matěj Markl, is shot up. The next one, František Pihodňa, is surrounded by the policemen and he commits a suicide. The last criminal, Ludvík Bognár, is found by the local citizens and extradited to policemen. During the gun battle, a local citizen, involved in, is shot dead. To sum it up, six people died. The arrested Ludvík Bognár dies as well. He is sentenced to death and executed the following year...

© Miloslav Jedlička, D. C. L.
Translated by inspector WO Pavel Vršovský, M. A.